About Us

Here at My Gold Beauty, we are passionate about getting the basics right to create the right canvas to help you attain your perfect look. We love makeup as much as the next person, but first you have to have a healthy and nourished body to maximise the benefits of any product you want to use.  Be it a colour for your hair, make up for your face, polish for your nails, or tanning products for your body.  

My team and I are now on a mission to bring to you the best up to date, simple and affordable products on the market from all over the world. We hope to share a lot more with you in the coming future.  We want to help you create a bright and healthy foundation before you start applying the look you want.  

Make up applied on a smooth surface, with no pimples, black heads or dead skin looks and feels so much fresher and brighter.  Nail polish applied to healthy, non-brittle, well maintained nails, not only looks incredible, but also lasts longer.  Even your hair needs to be in a healthy state before applying that colour to get the full effect you desire.  

Then, there are those days where we all want to go commando and just be as natural as possible with no make up, no hair products and no fake tan.  We can help you with that. Nothing beats that feeling of knowing that you are set from head to toe and looking naturally beautiful, radiant and just amazing.

We would love to hear from you and what you would like us to add to our store so that we can be part of your beauty and health journey and help you to start feeling great about yourself.

Here's to the best of you today, tomorrow and forever more.

From your dedicated My Gold Beauty.

For any inquiries, please contact us at mygoldbeauty@gmail.com